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If you’re tired of the heat when getting into your car, or feeling insecure when you can see people peeping into your car, window tint is your best solution. Window tint refers to applying special film to reduce light passing through the window.


Advantages to Window Tinting

– Keep your vehicle up to 60% cooler
– Block 99.9% of UV rays, saving your skin and interior upholstery from harmful rays
– Improve privacy in the car
– Shatter proofing in case of an impact

Disadvantages to Window Tinting

– Depending on your state, tinting might be illegal and draws attention from police
– Lower visibility at night
– Bubbles if poorly installed, and peels over time


Type of Window Tint Film – Ranked from Best to Worst

The Best: Ceramic Film – Best performance in terms of blocking solar heat and ultraviolet light. Will perform better than carbon window film by 15%.

Carbon Window Film – Does the job perfectly without fading or blocking cell phone reception.

Dyed Window Tint Film – Best budget choice. As the name suggests, the filmed is dyed with materials to absorb solar heat. The disadvantage of this choice is it will fade over time, and it provides less heat reduction when compared to the other window films.

Metallized Film – This film is created using metallic particles and acts as a mirror to reflect solar rays and heat. This gives a metallic shiny appearance from the outside, and has the added benefit of making your window more shatter resistant. The reason this is on the bottom of the list is the huge drawback that the metallic content has a tendency to interfere with cell phone reception. In this digital age, I can’t imagine living without my phone.


What does the % mean for window tint?

Window Tint ranges from as dark as 5% to 80%. The % represents the percentage of light allowed through the window. In short, the lower %, the darker the tint will be.

Window Tint

Darker the Better?

With old traditional films, it’s true that the darker you go, the more heat reduction and UV light it blocks. But with new legal requirements to cap how dark your tint can be, window tint manufacturers have developed new technology films that have an additional layer of IR coating built in that allows you to have the same heat reduction as a limo tint with virtually clear shades at 80-90%.

If you’re not into the aesthetics of a dark window, or worried it might attract too much attention from the police, these clear tints are the way to go.

Most Popular Brands

Most popular brands you can’t go wrong with are FormulaOne, Llumar, Solar Gard, and 3m.



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